Experience Ancient Japan
in the Old Capital, Nara


With eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, Nara has been praised as one of Japan’s most rewarding travel destinations. Visitors can savor the traditional beauty of Japan, discovering historical shrines, temples, and archaeological treasures in Nara’s exquisite natural landscape.

Nara’s history goes back more than 1300 years. In 710 A.D. Heijokyo in Nara was designated as the capital of unified Japan. Nara flourished as the center of politics and culture. Though the capital was moved to Kyoto in 794 A.D., Nara continued to be cherished as an important religious and cultural center. Even now, Nara occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of the Japanese people. Many of Japan’s oldest shrines and temples still stand in Nara, and the area’s natural splendor is beautifully preserved.

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