Visiting the Birthplace of Kojiki
and Related Locations

  • Former Site of Heijokyu(Heijokyo Palace)

    Aroud Nara City

    Heijokyo Palace became the country’s official capital, replacing Fujiwarakyo Palace. Heijokyo Palace is where O no Yasumaro presented Kojiki to Empress Genmei. It is believed that official welcoming and farewell ceremonies for important visitors from overseas were held at the Suzakumon Gate. (Nara City)

  • Amakashi-no-Oka Hill

    Around Kashihara and Asuka

    Amakashi-no-Oka Hill appears in the records of Emperor Suinin and others in Kojiki. From the viewing deck on the hilltop, you can see the mountain ranges of Asuka, Yamato, and Katsuragi. (Asuka)

  • Former Site of Asuka-no-kiyomihara-no-miya(Asuka Palace)

    Around Kashihara and Asuka

    The palace of Emperor Tenmu, who ordered the compilation of Kojiki, was located on this site in Asuka. The capital was moved around in Nara from Asuka Palace to Fujiwarakyo Palace, and finally to Heijokyo Palace. (Asuka)

  • Grave of O no Yasumaro

    Aroud Nara City

    In 1979, a mound about 4.5 meters in diameter was discovered in a green tea field to the east of Heijokyo Palace in the Tahara area of Nara. A plaque was discovered in the mound. On the plaque, the name O no Yasumaro was written along with his address, job title, and the date of his death. The plaque made headlines as a new historical find, convincing many that O no Yasumaro had actually lived. (Nara City)

  • The Museum, Archeological Institute of Kashihara

    Around Kashihara and Asuka

    The permanent exhibit, “Archeology of Yamato,” includes the records of O no Yasumaro that were found in his grave. Other exhibits include archeological artifacts found in and around Nara, spanning from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. (Kashihara City)

  • O Jinja Shrine

    Around Gose and Katsuragi

    This shrine stands in the center of the Nara basin. This area was the stronghold of the O Clan, the family of O no Yasumaro. It was one of the country’s largest shrines, with vast land holdings. Emperor Jimmu, his son, and an ancestor of the O Clan named Kamuyai-mimi-no-mikoto, all are enshrined here. The O Shrine is situated in a perfect position to observe the rising sun coming over the top of Mt. Miwa during the spring and fall equinoxes.(Tawaramoto Town)

  • Meta Jinja Shrine

    Aroud Nara City

    This shrine for Hieda no Are, who started compiling Kojiki, stands near the Rajomon Gate of Heijokyo Palace. The shrine has been popular for people seeking wisdom and academic success, since Hieda no Are was known for his keen memory, never forgetting anything that he saw or heard. (Yamato Koriyama City)



Getting Around IN nara

Nara is about a 30-minute train ride from Kyoto or Osaka, and getting around in Nara is easy. Major tourist destinations are connected by Nara’s extensive public transportation system. Rental bicycles are also a popular way to find your way around.

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